Chicago Kiteboarding Lessons

So what's kiteboarding eh?

Kiteboarding is the fun, action packed sport many of you have seen on the lakeshores. It can also be done in winter time on a snowboard or skis in a snowy field or frozen lake. With modern day wetsuit technology it is really a year around sport. Great way to stay in shape. In water you ride a board similar to a surfboard or wakeboard which is powered by a kite that is powered strictly by the wind. The sport is relatively easy to learn with proper 1 on 1 instruction (you came to the right place) we often see students up on board after 1-3 sessions.

Teaching at Chicago City Beaches is restricted for complete beginners so our lessons are taught mostly in Waukegan, IL or Indiana beaches a short drive from the city to beautiful wide open beaches which are ideal for teaching kiteboarding! 

We have taught kids as young as 12 as well as adults in their 60's. So YES you can learn too :)