Chicago Kiteboarding Lessons

We are no longer doing lessons

​​​​​​​​101 land/water lesson: This is a 1:1 instructor to student ratio personalized lesson. Great for anyone from completely new to those looking to sharpen their skills and learn more advanced tricks. During this private lesson we focus on your individual goals in a safe and controlled environment with an instructor right by your side. Do not waste your time or money with the other guys who throw you in a big inefficient group lesson, our private lessons are the way to go for the personalized attention really needed to learn kiteboarding. Even though we do not sell gear, after the lesson upon request we will send you a detailed list of what size gear to get based off your weight, etc. - 4 hours $350

Six hour 2 person lesson: Want to devote a full day to learning kiteboarding and have a friend or spouse to learn with? $480 includes six hours of lessons for two. This is a great way to get all the skills in one day. 

All lessons include kiteboarding gear rental at no cost. For scheduling please give availability and we go off the day that has best wind forecast. 

Lessons take place at a local beach within an hour of Chicago usually Waukegan Beach or NW Indiana beaches. Inner city beaches are for intermediate riders only during swim season. Can't wait to get you riding this season!​​

All students will have to sign waiver forms before the lesson.